MP3 Grease

MP3 Grease is a high quality lithium based NLGI 3 multipurpose grease suitable for both automotive and industrial applications. It is manufactured from high quality base stocks, superior quality lithium soap and performance additives. It provides excellent oxidation stability, mechanical stability and water wash out characteristics to enable trouble free operation under varying conditions.

MP3 Grease has drop point upto 190 Deg C  and penetration from 220 – 250 hence provide ultimate lubrication to bearing and extends bearing life.

MP3 Grease is lithium based grease used in all type of bearings.


Passenger cars, vans, trucks, farm tractors and general industrial equipment, machine tools and home appliances.

It is recommended for the lubrication of automotive chassis fittings and bearings and for general industrial lubrication where service conditions are moderate.


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